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Alsace - 1784 Census

The 1784 census is well known from genealogists interested by Jews in Alsace. Its full title is:

«Dénombrement général des Juifs qui sont tolérés en la province d’Alsace en exécution des Lettres-patentes de Sa Majesté, en forme de règlement du 10 juillet 1784 »

Now GenAmi is able to provide you access to this important census through a database. Your researches will become easier with the ability to make querys for a given name in a given village.

The village names are given with their present names. In the Result page the village name in 1784 is given as well as the present name.

By defect the display order is the order of the original census.

If you want a list sorted in alphabetic order, check this box:

You can limit your research:
Surname :
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Nota: In the fields "Surname" and "Given Name" the search is made on character string.
For example, if you choose "lev" as given name you will find names such as "Levy" or "Levi".