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The Jewish Genealogy Association 

GenAmi - The website for Jewish Genealogy

GenAmi - International Association for Jewish Genealogy

Affiliated to the F.F.G. (Fédération Française de Généalogie)

  • GenAmi is a non-profit organization, independent of any political or religious affiliation.
  • One unique goal: Give assistance to their members with genealogical research in the Jewish community,
  • Exchange between members,
  • Sharing of methods, documents and research results between members of the association,
  • Relationship with all French and foreign Jewish historical and genealogical societies...

  • Members of the Board:

  • Chairman: Micheline Gutmann
    Vice-President : Michel Goldschmidt
    Treasurer: Nicolas ELKIND
    Web master:Michel Goldschmidt
    Other members:
    Jean François ABRAMATIC

GenAmi give you more

  • Database with more than 250 000 persons
  • Ashkenazic and sephardic information
  • Information about more than 47 countries
  • Worldwide network of correspondents
  • Personalized assistance for research

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Raison sociale : GenAmi - Association de généalogie juive internationale
Directeur de publication : Micheline Gutmann
Hébergement du site : Société YODEMUS