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Comtat - Connections with other Communities

by Stéphane Lallich

by J.-C. Hérelle-Carcassone

Connections with other communities

The comtadines communities maintained privileged connections with other communities, in particular Bordeaux, Montpellier, Paris, Nimes, Piedmont:

  • Bordeaux: a certain number of families from Avignon left to established themselves in Bordeaux, They are Astruc, Petit, Saint-Paul, Vidal, Lange, Propha, Cassin, Rouget, Dalpuget, Sazia, Atar, David, Carcassonne, Jaquassus du Perpignan. In 1759, the families Jacob and Emmanuel Dalpuget, son-in-law and brothers, widowed Nathan Astruc and wire, Leon and Vidal Lange and brothers, salon Dalpuget and children, Leon Petit and children, David Petit and children obtained Royal letters patent. If you have one of these names in your ascendancy, as is the case in a certain number of GenAmi members, it is interesting to refer to the works of Cavignac, Cirot or Malvezin, also the records of name registration in 1808 created by Claude Geudevert,
  • Montpellier: with regard to Montpellier, one can refer to specific documents, the list of childbirth by Catherine Grozeiller (57 births of the 30-12-1877 to the 27-08-1800) or the name registerations of 1808, as well as the article by Burlats-Brun,
  • Paris: from 1750, one finds some comtadines families who trade in Paris, many more from the XIX century. By example Hildenfinger for the period before the Revolution and the census of the Consistory of Paris in 1808.
  • Nimes: many comtadines families came to Nimes, more particularly in the last decade of the XVIII century, sometimes on their way to Paris. It is necessary to consult the file of Doctor Simon, very complete, even its articles or those of S. Kahn.

Please note that exchanges and discussion between genealogists make it possible to progress further, by example Lists of ascendancy of the members of GenAmi, specialized e-groups like the on on the Papal Jews moderated by J.-J. Monteux, associations such as the Organization of the Papal Jews which publishes a review, or the meetings, the files and the forum of GenAmi.